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Quality | Meccanotecnica Riesi s.r.l.


MR-XPM's commitment to quality starts with the certification of all raw materials before they even come through our door. Throughout production we maintain a focus on quality, with frequent communication between the operators and the engineers to ensure there are no surprises come inspection time. The final inspection is always comprehensive and well-documented.

Our quality standards provide a means to display our dedication to our continuous improvement and ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.  Each and every one of our products comes AS: 9100 and ISO: 9001 certified; a stringent process that involves detailed procedure documentation, consistent senior management review and commitment, as well as a strong statement of our policies.  Nevertheless, MR-XPM has accustomed ourselves to delivering the high quality products our clients have come to expect and we are comfortable with these responsibilities. 


Since our founding, the quality of our machines and products has been critical.

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Meccanotecnica Riesi is currently certified with the following quality management standards:


UNI EN ISO 9001:2005, UNI EN 9100:2009 (equivalent to AS 9100 and JISQ 9100)


Customer Testimonials


“During my last 20 years in the subsea offshore business, I have co-operated with a lot of sub-suppliers for all types of disciplines. Meccanotecnica Riesi is overall one of the best. They are outstanding when it comes to serviceability. They are easy to work with and they always do what is needed and more to meet the client’s expectations. My experience is that the quality of work, documentation and OTD (On-time Delivery) are very good. They are highly recommended.”

Leif Hunskaar, FMC Technologies, former NLI


“The quality, according to everybody, is top class. Despite the possibility of problems due to the international nature of this project, the Auger Observatory and Meccanotecnica have worked together perfectly. Meccanotecnica is a jewel for Sicily.”

Professor Antonio Insolia, Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics, Catania


“Since NLI started doing business with MR in 2008, we have been very impressed by MR’s capability to meet our high standards on quality, prices, and strict delivery schedules. In that respect, MR is a preferred supplier for NLI on machining.”

Per Solli, NLI


“Our greatest concern is always about quality. We wouldn’t even consider ordering from Meccanotecnica or any other supplier, until we visit their facility and meet their people. The managers’ technical knowledge is very high. We got a good feeling about them and could see that they had the capability. We visited their facility where we found very high grade machinery and one of the best plants I’ve ever seen.”

Don Massa, President of Massa Products Corporation